Cer-deck is a non toxic carpet from swollen synthetic rubber, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
It is odorless with big thermal and acoustic proofing which produced in two color sheets.
Cer-Deck’s low thermal conductance unlike other similar products to wood teak, make it extremely comfortable. It does not contain sun heat and human skin doesn’t burn when it get in touch with the carpet.
It has non-slip surface, comfort to naked foot. You can walk on it even if you wear boat shoes.
Color remains the same for many years, it resists to oil, solver and air pollution.
It can be cleaned easily with mild cleaners or pure acetone.
It is water resistant because it’s closed hive production.
It has 3M glue suitable for marine use with high restraint in several surfaces such as polyester, aluminum, stainless steel, ABS etc.
With its newest technology, Xlarge can engrave not only the classic lines but also any design or motive you prefer.
Xlarge’s technical department takes over to imprint the surface and graphic design department its design. Sheet application is very easy because its special glue and you can find instructions on our website: www.boatwrapping.gr