Terms and restrictions of guarantee

Guaranty refers to an agreement between the company Βoat wrapping and a potential buyer.

By purchasing this product, buyer accepts this guaranty and its terms and conditions written below.

This guaranty covers the buyer (the first one who purchased the product not the next ones) that the product is in good condition and has no manufacturing malfunction within a period of 24 months from the production date.

Guaranty does not cover the application of the product in some surfaces and its appeal in surfaces that is applied.

The company does not have any responsibility for any partial or total detachment of the   product from the surface that was applied because this might be a result of one or a combination of reasons.

Guaranty is valid only for the material that the product is made and it’s finishing (engraving, cut).

Discoloration of the product caused as time went by and its use in marine environment does not covered by the present guaranty. This guaranty covers only the excessive attenuation or distortion resulting defective material.

This guaranty flatly excludes deformation, discoloration or any other damage of this product. It also excludes all the damages or the damages that flow from the exposure in high temperatures above 65°C. (max temperature)

This situation may caused for example in some parts that behave as light amplification (increasing temperature) in the product surface because of sunlight reflection from reflective parts or sunlight refraction through the light transmitted surfaces such as : windscreen, smooth vertical surfaces that make angle, bottles, myopia glasses etc. You should be very careful and avoid application of the product in such places, and it is exclusive responsibility of buyer to make all the necessary tests before the application in order to secure that in this place temperature will not be increased above the maximum recommended.

Boat wrapping company is not responsible for any partly or total damages that refer on any application / installation or use of the product which is exposed in maximum allowed temperature.

Application / installation of the product in parts they are always exposed in all weather conditions, extreme weather conditions does covered from this guaranty.

Boat wrapping company takes over the obligation to restore any defect, deficiency in quality or no compliance of products if this appears within the period of 6 months from the purchasing and under the condition that this would be notified on time.

Boat wrapping has the right to choose replace or to fix the defective parts.

Products that been replaced or fixed within the guaranty will still have the same guaranty for 6 months after the application.

Boat wrapping company does not guaranty for the compliance of products with special specifications or technical characteristics or appropriateness for specific uses (professional use) unless these are being agreed and signed between the parts.

Obviously guaranty mentioned above (which refer to fix or replace product) is absorbent and replace all the guaranties or the responsibilities that provided by the law and excludes any other responsibility of Boat wrapping company (such as conventional or not) i.e. compensation for damages, earning losses etc.