Instructions for drawing a template

Materials you will need:

Transparent nylon film, cutting blade, scissors, adhesive paper tape, permanent thin marker, measuring tape and ruler.

Step 1:  Decide which areas of your deck need to be covered.

Step 2:  Cut the nylon film so as to cover the entire area you will need to draw.

Step 3:  Stick the nylon film securely onto the deck area with adhesive paper tapes.

Step 4:  Trace the outline of the area onto the nylon with a thin marker (a thinner marker will provide more precise results). Mark any details and objects like latches, locks, deck cleats etc. Keep in mind than the material will not be applied from edge to edge and cut like a carpet, so it is imperative to take a precise outline which will enable us to safely cut accurate and beautifully fitting pieces. If you cannot have a single piece nylon film you will have to mark with two X signs the points of contact of every piece to the next so that they can be later aligned .

(see pictures)

It is important that the edges of the coverings end on clear gel coating for better sealing.

Step 5:  Take pictures of the traced nylon sheets onto the deck before removing them. This will help our creative artists better understand how the pieces fit onto the deck.

Step 6:  Finish your outline by making notes of any detail that may be useful. It is important to mark with an arrow the direction of the boat’s bow.

Step 7:  Send your tracings and photos to us, As soon as we receive them, you will be contacted by a company’s representative to discuss further details.

Please contact us about any questions you may have.


Good luck! 

Example of taking a tracing